Hybrid Media Package

This model gives you access to a do-it-yourself course that will show you how to set up by yourself key things that will boost you above any competitor.

The beauty of this model is that we will help you set the entire thing up with ads, funnel, and automated systems so you can start building revenue quickly, and then you can take it over yourself.

With this package, we offer 60 days of weekly coaching sessions and email support. And of course, if you had a small part you wanted us to continue to help with because you did not want to deal with it, well, we will discount that service to you and fill that void.

Module 1: Getting Started 

Chapter 1: Overview

1.A-Z what the course covers

Chapter 2: This Is The Way
1.Videos beat copy

Chapter 3: How Support Will Build It
1.How live coaching calls & support works

Chapter 4: Pitfalls
1.Common struggles
2.What to expect

Chapter 5: How To Access Elements Of This Program
1.Module & chapter overview

Chapter 6: Action Item (Aka Homework) To Do ASAP
1.List of things you need

Module 2: Get Your Lead Machine Started 

Chapter 1: Video Strategy and Keyword Search
1.How to dominate the attention of the audience with simple video strategies.

Chapter 2: How to build and edit a 4-9 second video that wins and never be on camera.
1.We show you how to build your videos to gain maximum interaction and audience build without being tech-savvy.

Chapter 3: Build Your Sales Machine By Proven Funnel Strategies
1.Pick your funnel, and we build it. (We house in our Click Funnels account at no extra expense to you)
2.We help you develop your message to implement into your funnel strategy.

Chapter 4: How To Win By Branding Your Domain And Website
1.Building your website by understanding the jaw-dropping domain and message.
2.How to connect your domain to your funnel

Chapter 5: How To Set Up Unlimited Calendar Appointments
1.Building your calendar to work for you.
2.Creating the survey that will filter the good from the bad.  

Module 3: Master Your Digital Media Presence

Chapter 1: Facebook Page Creation The Right Way
1.We show you exactly how we have dominated the competition by setting your page up while entertaining your audience and gaining recognition.

Chapter 2: Creating Your Facebook Account Up To Dominate
1.Learn how to set your account the right way as we help you do it step-by-step. 

Chapter 3: How To Create An Ad That Will Generate
1.The Simba 7 team will set your first ad up for you and teach you how to turn up or turn down while tracking with predictability.

Module 4: Google SEO And Ads Made Easy

Chapter 1: Dominate Google Ads
1.Understand how to unlock the essential keys to dominating the largest search engine on earth.

Chapter 2: Unlock The Google Keywords Prism
1.Understand without guessing what your ideal audience is searching for and dominate the search engines organically.

Chapter 3: Google Search Ads Domination
1.We show you how to use the keywords your audience is searching for and combine them with world-class ads to promote your job, product, or service.

Module 5: Tracking And Omnipresence

Chapter 1: Google Analytics Tracking Mastered
1.Track, document, and gain a predictable system.

Chapter 2: Setting Up All Your Systems
1.Creating Google Spreadsheets
2.Creating a dedicated email process to receive lead generation notifications.

Chapter 3: How To Set Up Auto Notifications
1.Setting up your forwarding process to get automated email and database notifications instantly.

Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Omnipresence Tagging
1.How to tag your perfect audience to show your ad everywhere.
2.Setting up our predictive intent branding.