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Josh Hicks


With more than 20 years of being a serial entrepreneur and small business owner, Josh has built or helped build more than 30 companies personally and helped more than 5000 small to medium or Fortune 500 business owners in business development around their digital media marketing, sales training, recruiting and coaching.

After years of building businesses from the ground level to successful medium size companies while doing it on a shoe-string budget without relying on cash infusions or funding, He knows how to help small to medium size businesses find success without breaking the bank.

His passion is to help small businesses have the ability to play with the big companies in media without spending the kind of money the big guys have to pay. By using the tools we teach when using the social media platforms available today, using hyper geo-targeting, viral video coaching, and strategic ad management, we focus on bringing the best value to our clients!

William Hamburg


Will has generated more than $10,000,000 in revenue online from e-commerce businesses in the natural foods industry over the last 10 years. He has a plethora of knowledge in lead generation and digital marketing.

His mission is to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their great ideas into successful businesses that have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their community. He’s passionate about merging for-profit business models with environmentalism to create a truly sustainable future for all of us. He loves to develop and invest in ideas that make a difference for future generations

Stephen Pruitt


Willow Collamer


Willow Jon is an expert copywriter and producer who has added his larger than life personality to a variety of brands such as; Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Justin’s, Karcher, Wild Mind Film Camp, VideoMaker Magazine, Reprezent Clothing, Kundali Kombucha, and Sacred G Collective.

Vin Featherstone


Vin researches and evaluates new technology, business models, marketing strategies, and other innovations to produce multi-million-dollar revenue growth for businesses.

Lena Sommer


Lena supports our team by creating workflows and internal processes, doing bookkeeping as well as e-commerce client support.

Nehemiah Adebayo


Methodical IT professional bringing attention to detail, broad software skills, and focus on continuous improvement. Experienced in Web development, social media, e-commerce, and various soft skills. Marketing analyst with a solid reputation in establishing and implementing effective marketing plans, driving profits, increasing market shares, and improving customer engagements.

Syed A


I have always had a passion for technology and the way it evolves and influences us. Technology has changed the way we do everything, and we are living in an era never seen before in history. Specifically, we are living in an age where data/analytics are driving business decisions and a world where consumers are influenced through ever-evolving digital mediums.

I have had the honor to work in a diverse set of fields, including retail, higher education, finance, as well as high-end hospitality, and one facet of all these businesses that interested me the most was how they attracted and retained their customers/clients. What I learned is that a business’s success and growth depended on how quickly it could adapt and harness the latest developing technologies and digital trends.

I am passionate about the work I do with Simba 7 because we help businesses adapt digitally and market their products and services more efficiently.

Chelsea G


Chelsea has been a digital marketer for 10 years, working in a variety of industries. With a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, she has worked on a variety of digital marketing task such as facebook ads, seo, graphics, web design, and development. She has been a designer and web developer with Simba 7 helping build brands through digital content, websites, and landing pages designed to help with conversions.

Aaron Szabo


Specialties: Director, DP, Editor for Commercial video productions for web/TV, music videos, 4K raw, aerial/drone video/photos, Steadicam/gimbal operator, audio mixing, underwater video, product photography, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut, Encore, Photoshop, Audition, Logic, Lightroom

Max S


Maksim is a hard-working Digital Marketing professional with deep social media marketing experience and proven ability to deliver exceptional results. He has over 8 years of experience in planning, designing, and managing digital marketing campaigns with clients of all sizes, industries, and budgets.

Tommy Acosta


A press release and copywriter with more than 30-years of experience in journalism working as an editor, copywriter, ad designer, feature writer and reporter, Tommy Acosta makes it his mission to bring about the best results for the clients he serves.

Good copy is what it’s all about in the field of electronic media advertising and Tommy delivers.

With crisp/gripping copy and to-the-point messaging, his ability to move clients to make that click and buy that product is exceptional.

Joey Best


Joey Best has been sculpting words into brands for over 25 years. As a former national magazine publisher, script and copywriter, Joey has been writing catchy taglines, sales copy, press releases, and nationally distributed articles that activates the prospect into action.

Jon Marino


Since 2014, Jon has helped clients increase the impact his clients have on their market.  Whether it’s helping photographers with devices to capture the perfect shot, entrepreneurs find a broader market to serve, authors reach more readers, or health-conscious people improve the quality of their life; Jon’s copywriting has been read by millions.

We help your business get attention and then we help you turn that attention into profit.