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In most cases, our average cost per truck driver lead is around $3-7 dollars. When compared to an average truck driver lead cost of $80–$190 per driver lead in the industry today, our process has saved our clients money and time.

We now have one of the largest third-party recruiting agencies in the United States. After assisting over a million drivers, we decided to help small to medium-sized trucking companies dominate their truck driver lead generation by building their own lead machine in the digital marketing arena.

Unlike most marketing firms, we understand how to communicate with drivers and have tested all strategies, processes, and messaging. As a result, you, the client, do not have to waste your money on overcrowded job boards or marketing agencies that gamble with your money. When it comes to building your customized truck driver lead machine, Simba 7 Media knows exactly what works.

Simba 7 Media Overview - Mastering Your Own Truck Driver Leads Machine

2022 Case Study #1 - Truck Driver Lead Generation Proof

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