Is Your 2020 Marketing Plan Obsolete?

Look, it’s 2020 and if you’re still using traditional advertising platforms like a spammy email blast, pop-ups, trade shows, cold calling, and telemarketing to raise your ROI your marketing plan is on a downward spiral. 


The fact is today most consumers want to buy but don’t want to be sold. They have become immune to irrelevant marketing ploys, like an outdated rock star that no one is listening to anymore, because his music isn’t a part of what people are thinking or talking about.


The new miracle child in today’s marketing toolbox is called Inbound Internet Marketing.


So, what is Inbound Internet Marketing? 


Inbound marketing focuses on creating a strong social media awareness, a professional webpage and engaging a loyal fanbase through relevant content that draws your customer in naturally.


Outbound marketing is the old school way of fishing for customers like buying broadcast and print ads, purchasing email lists, making cold-calls or sponsoring a booth at a tradeshow. 


Basically, it’s a screaming contest of “Who can be the loudest”. 


You are blasting your marketing message OUT and hoping for a good response; making decisions based on “Vanity Metrics” such as impressions, likes, views, and traffic. None of that matters if you’re not converting them.


There are two reasons inbound marketing is a better choice.


First, people are tired of being inundated with thousands of advertisements daily and they’ve finally fought back and demanded subscription-based entertainment like YouTube, HBO, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. They are signing up for No-Call lists so they don’t get those annoying telemarketing calls all day long.  Adding to the mix are spam phone and email blockers slowly becoming the majority of users on your site anyways… Even Spotify & Apple are adapting to inbound marketing by allowing advertisement-free music at a subscription cost. The people have made their voices heard, and they are saying, “Inbound Marketing is the way to go if you want to create a solid, classic, timeless brand.” 


The second reason inbound marketing is superior to outbound marketing is the ability to streamline the time and money spent on advertising. You will actually make more money quicker and build a stronger brand and company image through an inbound strategy.  You need to set up a professional-looking website to draw your audience’s attention, then use your brand or company keywords to increase your weekly SEO ranking. Answer questions your prospects are asking. Let them think they came up with the idea to work with you.


An Inbound Marketing social media campaign can be created for a fraction of the cost it would take to set up one trade show. You won’t have to print thousands of flyers and postcards or pay for a flight to Florida to interact with your audience. 


Instead, you can entice your audience with genuine information. Again, the answers to their biggest questions and concerns.


Tempt your audience with a social media contest, articles and memes, product giveaways, podcast interviews, and live video segments. As long as you are producing consistent quality content that speaks directly and personally to your niche audience you will have a winning marketing plan. 


As long as you are producing consistent quality content that speaks directly and personally to your niche audience you will have a winning marketing plan. 


A successful inbound marketing plan will benefit you not only financially but also will help attract lasting relationships with your customers.


Rather than using the old school method of sales every week and email blasts, get your inbound website up today, along with an engaging email campaign that nurtures your leads not push them into a buy or unsubscribe box. 


Find out who your audience is and what they want, simply by asking them. 


Inbound marketing is when you create valuable content that will spread organically by word-of-mouth because your message is so damn good and everyone wants to know about it.


Let’s face it, today’s internet marketing can be intimidating. That’s where Simba 7 Media comes in. Our unique inbound marketing techniques will help your customers find what they are looking for and when it is convenient for them. 


If your company doesn’t show up on Google or YouTube, you are no longer relevant and you will slowly fade away.


“Remember, people love to buy things, but they hate being sold.”


Let Simba 7 Media help you attract the right audience to become loyal customers. Remember, people love to buy things, but they hate being sold

You don’t need to tackle this new marketing strategy by yourself. Our inbound marketing team is standing by to help you today. 


 Contact us today for a free Inbound Marketing Audit….remember your audience is waiting.



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