Facebook is the dominator with more than 2.4+ billion active users when it comes to social media platforms; it is the place to get your message out to the masses. If you want to test your offer in the most cost-efficient way, there is no other platform to use.


We here at Simba 7 will always recommend starting with Facebook to dial in the message and offers that convert. If you are able, we couple this with Google & YouTube ads and SEO, but if that is not possible, you will not lose by starting with Facebook.


We have several proven processes that go beyond boosting an ad or just creating an audience and throwing your money against the wall, hoping it sticks. Unfortunately, this is what happens in most cases; however, we steer clear of that and work with models that we have proven time and time again.  


Instagram has dominated in brand recognition. If you want to build a brand, it is the place to make that happen. Instagram beats Facebook and Twitter in this category; no wonder Facebook bought them. 


Simba 7 utilizes any ad we build on Facebook to reflect on Instagram as our standard practice; however, you can utilize much more than what we do from Facebook when using the Instagram platform. There are key elements that Instagram can provide better than the rest and those but not limited to: 


Ok, we do get a little help with our coaches. That’s right; we have coaches in this category as well. See, we are a decent size, yes, but we do not spend millions per month or even week like some of our coaches that we mastermind with when learning top strategies that perform. We use their data, and It is not cheap to get it, but we save you money by implementing that knowledge to your campaigns and business. We understand that ad management is a daily responsibility to keep up with, and we continue to bring our clients the very best strategies in the industry.  


 Facebook statistics

  • 2.41 billion monthly active users
  • 96% of active user accounts accessed the social network via a mobile device
  • 40% of consumers said that they watch the most videos on Facebook
  • 65 million small businesses have Facebook Pages
  • 74% of marketers say they use Facebook more as part of their brand’s social strategy

Instagram statistics

  • 1 billion monthly active users
  • 500 million daily active Instagram Stories users worldwide
  • 37% of US Internet users are on Instagram
  • 68% of Instagram users visit the platform daily

65% of marketers say they plan to use Instagram more as part of their brand’s social strategy