Video is what works, and if you are not using it, then more than likely, you will be left behind by the competition. It is a fact that 70%+ ideal target audience will more than likely buy if you are putting your offer in a video. 


Simba 7 has been implementing video in our client’s campaigns for years and, hands down, has seen better results compared to only content offers. We understand that video may be intimidating, and we got you covered with many different options. 


The beauty of video today is that the algorithms prefer organic and real. So spending time and money to build a high production video is no longer required when gaining traction. People want to see real. Simba 7 has you covered in this department. 


Here are the options:


  • You provide video footage from your phone, and we edit and post.
  • We build videos, edit, and post.
  • We help you hire actors/actresses to make videos, edit, and then post.


Either way, we can get the job done. We will always find a solution that will fit your comfort level.