Social Media Advertising


In fact, people are spending more time on social than watching TV; Fifteen minutes more, to be precise. On average, 50 percent of people use Facebook daily, while only 39 percent watch television.

Our Method


Social media continues to attract more people than T.V., with a higher conversion rate, time spent shopping, and a deeper customer-brand relationship.

We use highly engaging ad campaigns to collect research points, experiences, and common sense data to create an emotional storytelling experience that simply turns your viewers into sales.

There’s a reason that we still have 98.3% of the same clients we had when we started Simba 7 Media. That’s because we constantly strive to improve.

We don’t stand on our soapboxes and preach to the world how awesome we are (even though our clients do that for us). No. We stay humble and let the data show us what works.

Do we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves and proven sales copy and strategies?

Of course.

We also know that the digital market is moving at the speed of light so we never make assumptions.

True digital marketing experts are scientists that develop a hypothesis, create an experiment and build upon that.

With that approach, you get a return on your investment as quickly as possible. We take ad spend very seriously. We don’t need to impress you with our $100,000 a month ad spend budget. What’s most important is having the fastest and most sustainable ROI possible.

Schedule a call with us today to learn how you can get started generating leads and sales for as little as $375/week.

We help your business get attention and then we help you turn that attention into profit.