Where’s The Best Place To Advertise To Hire Truck Drivers?

One of the biggest issues currently plaguing the trucking industry is driver shortage. With the increasing shortage of truck drivers, a nearly 100% turnover rate, and the pandemic throwing a wrench at everything, the trucking industry is struggling to keep its tires moving.

Now, with the age of the internet, hiring employees is a lot more straightforward than it used to be back in the day. Nowadays, there are plenty of online resources available, of which you can take advantage. You can advertise your job offers on job sites dedicated to truck drivers.

But you can’t just post a job offer on some random job site. To optimize your search, first, you need to know what sites most truck drivers use. Companies need to be strategic to narrow down the options of where they will get the most response for their advertisement.

In this post, I’ll show you the best sites to advertise to hire truck drivers.

Let’s take a look.

Job Sites

Nowadays, job sites are the go-to place for both people hunting for jobs and recruiters alike. A lot of people think job boards are for corporate jobs. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These platforms are also widely used by truckers. There are job sites specifically made for truckers, like Simply Hired and Monster. You can use these sites to place your advertisements to hire truck drivers.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


Indeed is one of the most widely used sites in the world for job hunting. With its thousands of listings, it offers a pool of highly skilled potential truck drivers.

But with its immense popularity comes fierce competition. But their sponsored option makes it a lot easier to stand out from the crowd. And the results are almost organic. This feature is highly customizable. And one of its most useful features is filtering job criteria. You can sort through various criteria like locations.

Another thing Indeed offers is employer reviews. This can be a great opportunity, but it can also go sideways. But having positive reviews can provide a huge advantage over the competition.


SimplyHired is mainly known for providing an agglomeration of results from a plethora of other job listing sources. But they also offer an option to directly post on their site.

This site offers a streamlined method in which you can post a single post, and it would reach a wide assortment of digital resources. They also let you add tags that potential employees can see to understand if they’re fit for the job.

Job Boards Specifically For Truck Drivers

While SimplyHired and Indeed can be a great starting point, the best places to advertise your job offers would be sites specifically for truck drivers.

These sites are the most useful for truck drivers. They also offer sorting options. You can filter through useful things like driver type, routes, and required equipment. All of these let the employer highlight specific criteria and help them find the best fit for their company.


AllTruckJobs offer a unique filtering process created to provide advertisers with access to highly skilled and reliable truck drivers.

They offer a plethora of plans and services. The website has a unique category called student drivers, which you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. And truckers can also search based on team and lease arrangements.


EveryTruckJob is one of the most popular free online job boards. It’s designed to connect potential truck drivers to companies. Over 5 million trucking jobs have been listed and applied for through this site.

This board is also known for its use of use. Companies need to create a profile to post their advertisements here. After creating the profile, they can post as many jobs offers as they want.

But it lacks a few features compared to its competition, like a profile database, resume, social media advertising, and an AI candidate matching. This site can be a great place to post your job offers with its vast selection of features, and it’s free.


MeetATruckDriver is an online job board designed for truck drivers and companies looking to hire truck drivers. Truck drivers and employers need to create profiles to use this site. This site is a part of CareGuide, a company that offers many online specialty websites.

Profiles streamline the process and allow employers and truck drivers to connect less traditionally. Companies can also search through applicant profiles without signing up, which saves time.

Companies are allowed to post for free. But you need to pay to be able to reply to your job applicants. And you can only post one job at a time. The site has paid subscription that gives you access to unlimited messaging, increased visibility, and the option to share private contact info.

Forums For Truckers

Trucking forums are often overlooked when thinking about online marketing strategies. But forums can offer a great opportunity to build up connections with experienced drivers. It also makes trucking forums a great place to advertise your job offers.

Let’s take a look at a few trucking forums.

Truckers Report

The trucker report is widely known in the industry for its forums. It has various discussions among its visitors about everything from driver health to their favorite trucking companies. It also has a section, especially for trucking jobs. With its large trucker community and constant engagement, it’s the perfect place to post job offers.

Social Media

With social media’s increasing popularity and growing user base, it would be a waste to not take advantage of it. Many job seekers are using social media to find and land their jobs. So, you can post your advertisements on social media and expose them to hundreds of potential employees.

Let’s take a look at dew of those options.


Reddit has multiple subreddits on the transportation industry with a large community of truckers. There’s also a subreddit called “/r/truckingjobs,” specifically for posting and finding trucking jobs. With such a large active user base, it’s a great place to post job advertisements.


Facebook currently has one of the largest online user bases. So, posting your advertisements there seems like a no-brainer. Facebook applicants browse open positions, and they also have a “Apply Now” button on companies business page. This allows potential employees to submit their applications and resumes easily.

But the best feature facebook offers for employers is that they notify the company’s followers about new open prepositions and updates.

Closing Thoughts

The digital market is the best place to advertise job offers for truck drivers for its growing popularity. You can use any or all of these sites to post your company’s advertisements for hiring truck drivers.