By Using These 7-Key Practices, We Dominate.

1. Hyper-Geo-Targeting campaigns that will allow you to speak to the idea audience any time you want. We find relevant audience demographics, implement retargeting tools that will gain you omnipresence branding, create dominating lookalike audiences based on your ideal candidate while dialing in your perfect audience by their behavioral practices. (Interests, job titles, etc.).


2. Our proprietary strategy with video creation and distribution, and we help you build it. The statistics say that 6 out of 10 people would rather watch a video than just reading the copy. 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded videos. Our process not only gains the sale, but we also build out the retargeting technique by our model. It’s like the old saying, “two birds with one stone,” but it ends up being many more than just two. We can use the work done once in many other places like YouTube, Blog, and so on…


3. Coaching and our proven processes on bringing value to their potential client on your social media platforms, funnels, and websites before attempting the sale. It takes up to 7 times for a potential client to buy, use, or start an opportunity or service you provide. It is imperative to begin the relationship and maintain the relationship, and we show you exactly how to dominate that process.


4. Sales funnel strategies that dominate: We have tested thousands of variables to know what works over the years and always stay up with the new styles and methods to keep you ahead of the majority.


5. Organic search engine optimization that builds omnipresence with our Intent Branding Method: Our process allows you to do the work once and reuse with several different platforms getting you the full potential optimization. Imagine someone Googling you, and everywhere they go, you follow them; well, that is what we will be building out for you.


6. Customizing a unique package for each client after finding the dominant combination needed. We find that our “Value Packages” are usually the best starter kit you can get for full potential while being the most cost-effective. For those who know exactly what service they want, we offer the “Built My Custom Package,” allowing you to select any service you want to dominate within your market. And for those that want to learn the process of running ads and building your own lead machine, we offer our “Hybrid Media Package” model, in which you can learn the process by membership in our course. In contrast, our team builds the machine and coaches you exactly how to use it and maintain it for optimization over 90 days. If you want to use us after that, we will always be here for you.


7. Strategy coaching and implementation above the standard marketing practices to ensure a true partnership to reach the top potential success available. We have found that even if you have the strongest business model, that should be a guaranteed win. Still, the marketing company has no clue how to market it because you do not know the model, model candidate, or the mission; it will usually fail. We provide coaching through the process to ensure we don’t miss a thing needed when getting your brand out to the masses.