So, we know Google is King of all search engines, but did you know they own YouTube.  Statistics say that 60%+ would instead go right to YouTube to view the video. Just when you thought that was good, statistics say that more than 70% of consumers are more than likely to buy or sign up after watching the video offer.

Dominating the Google search engine by SEO, jaw-dropping ads, and organic video content creation combined with mastering the social media platforms, you can literally be unstoppable.

Simba 7 specializes in putting all key components into play for you, and we like to start with Google and YouTube. We will help you build “jaw-dropping” offers and dominate the Google and YouTube ad platform for custom business growth. By-the-way, we don’t guess when playing at this game, we have thousands of ads and years of practice, so we can assure you that you will not be the test subject.

We coach you on the message and offer by using proven keyword searches and then set you up to run ads that will show up before all your competition and beyond.  


Few options:


  Overlay Ads

  Skippable Video Ads

  Non-Skippable Video Ads

  Bumper Ads

  Sponsored Cards