7 Ways to Market Your Business on a Shoe-String Budget

Marketing your business is among the most essential and challenging parts of operating a small business. Most business owners have zero marketing background and often don’t have the required resources to afford the talent to make a difference in the space, especially when you’re starting. If you can’t promote the…
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By Using These 7-Key Practices, We Dominate.

1. Hyper-Geo-Targeting campaigns that will allow you to speak to the idea audience any time you want. We find relevant audience demographics, implement retargeting tools that will gain you omnipresence branding, create dominating lookalike audiences based on your ideal candidate while dialing in your perfect audience by their behavioral practices.…
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Is Your 2020 Marketing Plan Obsolete?

Look, it’s 2020 and if you’re still using traditional advertising platforms like a spammy email blast, pop-ups, trade shows, cold calling, and telemarketing to raise your ROI your marketing plan is on a downward spiral.    The fact is today most consumers want to buy but don’t want to be…
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